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"Best Doctors Gives The Least Medicines"

Aug 14 - Aug 21

Dr Abhinav had set up his dental clinic with the aim of bringing the highest standards of dental care. It has been fashioned on the lines of dental treatment provided in USA in its basics, and strives to go beyond the levels of excellence of every conventional clinic. State-of-the-art equipment’s with the most hygienic environment along with stringent sterilization process are some feature of his work place. He has a team of highly skilled & experienced dentist's who are specialist in various branches of dentistry providing all kind of dental treatment under one roof. "The best doctors gives the least medicines" Antibiotics and other medicines are often misused in dentistry. Most of the dental problem can be cured without any medicines. For example in cases of RCT/ Root Canal Treatment dentist's most often will prescribe antibiotics. The fact is 90% of RCT cases can be treated without any antibiotics. RCT is most commonly required when the bacteria has infected the pulp (blood supply of the tooth). And in no time the tooth looses its blood supply. When a person take the antibiotics it is first absorbed in the stomach and later it travels to other parts of the body through the blood supply. But in RCT cases the tooth has already lost its blood supply. Hence the antibiotics will never be able to reach the bacteria present in the root canal. In fact it is during the RCT treatment when various antibacterial substances are used locally in the root canal the bacteria gets eliminated.

Best Dentist Least Medicine

Cost of Tooth Removal ? Cost of RCT ?

Aug 6 - Aug 13

Why Dental Treatment Cost Varies ?
What is the Cost of Tooth Removal ?
What is the cost of Root Canal Treatment ?
There are various reasons why the Tooth Removal or Extraction some of them are mentioned below-

  1. Boiler does not remove all the germs but autoclave does. Instruments can transfer deadly diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B etc. These diseases are not even Curable.
  2. Conventional Forceps for tooth removal will cost less to the dentist but made in USA physics forceps costs around 2 Lakhs. Physics Forceps removes the tooth painlessly and also preserves the bone which is required for the tooth replacement.
  3. Convention Needle are 18 gauge as the are very thick it causes pain but a 30 gauge needle is ultra fine and it causes neglectable amount of pain.
  4. One in a million can die due to Anaphylaxis/ Reaction with anesthetic. Who that person is we don't know. Special Lignocaine made in France does not cause this problem. It is worth spending a little extra.
Cost of any tooth removal except for last teeth / 3rd Molars at Dr. Abhinav Singh's clinic costs only 500/- while the last one may vary depending on whether it is below the bone or is full visible in the mouth. It may cost between 2500 and 4000/-. In Lucknow cost of extraction / tooth removal varies from 1/- in a Govt. hospital upto 5000/- in other private dental clinics. We always believe patients comfort comes first. And do all dental treatment at a very reasonable and realistic rates.

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Worlds Best-Teeth Whitening System Now In Lucknow

Jul 29 - Aug 2

Good News !!!
World's best teeth whitening system made in United States is now available in Lucknow. The latest "Power Bleach" is the only system which gives an permanent teeth whitening results without any side effects. It took more than 5 years to develop this system and get an FDA approval. Research and development wing of this United States based company wanted to develop a teeth whitening system which can give the following results:mdash;

  1. Instant Teeth Whitening within Minutes.
  2. Permanent Whitening Results
  3. No harmful side effects
  4. No sensitivity after the treatment.
  5. Laser activated system which can deeply penetrate inside the teeth removing the even the hardest stains.
The main difference between this system and the earlier ones is that, the earlier systems used to whiten the teeth but it was only to some extent and anyone could hardly appreciate it. But this one gives, almost an instant result which everybody can appreciate. Plus it has no side effects. It has also been approved by several international agencies including FDA.

There is an excessive amount of fluoride in under ground water in several districts of U.P which causes white spots on the tooth surface also know as fluorosis. It is going to be the game changer for them. It can also be useful for those who have tobacco staining or all those who want to improve the color of there natural teeth.

It is now avaliable at Dr Abhinav's clinic at a very affordable price tag of just 5500/-.

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Abhinav Singh Awarded Best Dentist Lucknow 2018

Jul 22 - Jul 28

Dr. Abhinav Singh is one of the finest dentist in India. He has been phenomenal in taking the field of Dentistry to the next level in terms of treatment, training and research.

Dr Abhinav Singh graduated for M.S Ramaiah Dental College Banglore. He later did his Internship from King Georges Dental College ( KGMC) and immediately followed it up by doing his post graduation in Conservative and Endodontics. He then successfully completed the course on Laser Treatment in Dentistry sponsored by Oral Restorative Academy London, England. He also did a course in "Clinical Advancements in Endodontics" from University of Florida, United States. He has been teaching in various dental colleges since 2005. Conservative and Endodontics is a branch of dentistry which typically deals with procedures related to saving the teeth, like Fillings, RCT/Root Canal Treatment, Crowns etc. It also includes different procedures involved in smile makeover.

What makes his Clinic so different ?

  • ONLY Clinic in Lucknow that gives 5 year free replacement warranty on Fillings.
  • Lucknow's ONLY Clinic where there is 100% money back guarantee on RCTs.
  • It also offers 15 years free replacement warranty on Crowns.
  • His experience and expertise along with advanced cutting edge technology that is avaiable at his clinic; ensures the best results in Smile Makeover or Smile Designing procedures.
  • Full Team of MDS dentists in all the clinical branches of dentistry to provide maximum accuracy.
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Jul 16 - Jul 22

Our aim is to provide the Best Quality Dental Treatment in Lucknow. We are proud to say that we are the only clinic in Lucknow who offer free replacement warranty on Fillings, Crowns, Implants and even on Root Canal Treatments. To achieve this goal there are several things that we do. The most important among them are:

  1. Experienced Team of post graduate MDS dentists. A single dentist will never be able to treat all kind of dental problems as there are 6 different clinical branches each has its own significance. For example MDS Endodontics is a expert in Smile Correction, fillings, RCT/ Root Canal, Crowns etc. and MDS orthodontics is specialist who has the expertise in correction of teeth alignment using Braces.
  2. We use Best Quality dental materials even if we have to import it from other countries. so that our results become predictable and we can offer free replacement warranty.
  3. Our policy and procedure show transparency and fairness the way we deal with our patients.
  4. We give a permanent solution for all kind of dental problems, so that one does not have to visit a dentist again and again.
  5. All these are available with us at a reasonable and realistic rates.
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Lucknow's Best Dental Clinic

Jul 10 - Jul 17

Dr. Abhinav's dental clinic was established in 2004. Since then it has grown by leaps and bounds and has now become Lucknow's No1 dental clinic. Recently the most authentic Hindi news paper "Dainik Jagran" felicitated Dr. Abhinav Singh for his commendable job done in the field of dentistry and even launched a book called Miracle Medico's. In 2018 itself he has been awarded by the U.P Health Minister Sir Siddhart Nath Singh and bollywood celebrity Soha Ali Khan in two separate award functions.

His dental clinic is equipped with the most advanced instruments and machinery. Hence, we proudly call it an advanced Super-specialty Dental Care Clinic. Some of the equipment’s we have here are not available easily and not many clinics in India have it either.

If you are looking for affordable, Top-class dental care, walk into Dr. Abhinav's dental clinics, the one stop solution to all your dental problems. Which also has various experienced MDS specialists along with the cutting-edge technology like LASER Technology, Magnification Endodontics, Fully Automatic assepto dental chairs with Digital Monitors, Worlds best Nobel Implants, Worlds apex locator’s made in Germany and made in Japan, Worlds best Durr oil free compressor, worlds best fiber optic physio-dispensor, Digital Shade Guide to match the exact shade of the teeth, High Definition 4K Intraoral Camera etc. There are warranties on Implants, Crowns, Fillings, RCTs etc. which NO Other Dental Clinic in Lucknow can Offer.

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Finding a right dentist for your Dental Problem

Jul 3 - Jul 9

Finding a Right Dentist for your Dental Problem can be a difficult task.
This is a true incidence of a 39 year old patient. He had severe pain in the lower right molar tooth. He found a dentist who had done her BDS from KGMC (Gold Medalist), and MDS from PGI Chandigarh. (Can be seen on her prescription marked with an arrow). His treatment started on 6th June 2018 but it was extremely painful. But his pain continued even after subsequent appointments dated 11th June, 15 June, 23th June. (which can also been seen on the prescription). He used to have pain killers 3 times a day. Even after 17 days as the pain continued she decided to visited Dr. Abhinav Singh’s clinic. To his surprise after the first visit itself the pain was relived and the RCT was completed in just 2 days. It is very important to select a dentist who has studied from a prestigious college but that is not the only thing.

The moral of the story is to choose a right dentist for your dental problem. Most of the dentists are just graduates and post graduate MDS are further divided into 9 different branches. All become experts to treat different dental diseases.

Select a dentist who is a specialist in your kind of a dental problem. Or go with a clinic like ours which has all MDS of all Clinical Branches.

You should also ask your dentist to show his previous cases which had a similar dental problems as the one that you have.

His reviews and years of experience also play an important role.

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Smile Makeover

Jun 24 - Jun 30

Smile Makeover is aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to you smile. This not only improves the smile it also increases the self confidence of the individual which is mandatory for success whether it is the work place or your social circle.

# Smile makeovers begin with a smile design consultation where diagnostic data is gathered and your goals and expectations are discussed. A plan is then formulated to achieve your desired result in harmony with your other facial features and the image you want to project.

# A beautiful smile conveys self-confidence, warmth and approachability, traits that are important for both business and personal communications. We understand this, which is why we offer an extensive range of smile makeover procedures and products to suit your needs.

# Smile makeover is that process where we focus on improvement in dental aesthetics with respect to colour; position; shape; size and alignment of your teeth.

# Smile makeover includes procedures like:
1. Porcelain Veneers
2. All ceramic crowns
3. Teeth recontouring
4. Gum contouring
5. Tooth Whitening
6. Gum de-pigmentation

All these procedure are performed on several front teeth in order to produce an overall change in the appearance of your smile.

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Different Dentists for Different Dental Problems

Jun 17 - Jun 22

There are various dental problems that can be associated with teeth, gums and mouth. No single dentist is capable of treating all these problem. In Dentistry there are 9 MDS branches of which 7 are clinical branches and 2 are non clinical branches. Non-Clinical branches are Pathology and Community.

Clinical Branches are as following:

  1. Conservative and Endodontics which deals with Fillings, RCT/ Root Canal Treatment, Crown or Caps, Smile Designing etc.
  2. Maxillofacial Surgery deals with Fracture of jaw or face, Removal of teeth, Tumor / cancer etc.
  3. Orthodontics deals with correction of teeth alignment using wires / Braces.
  4. Prosthodontics deals with replacement of all 32 teeth or dentures
  5. Pedodontics deals with dental problem related to children
  6. Oral Medicine and Radiology deals with diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.
  7. Periodontics deals with diseases to gums.

MDS Dentist is more qualified than that the BDS. Depending on the problems one should choose a MDS who can best deal with the your kind of dental problem.

Dr. Abhinav Singh is one the finest dentist in conservative and endodontic. He has opened a multi-speciality clinic which had various MDS from all clinical branches. It is the first and the only which has MDS in all clinical branches and therefore we can provide all kinds of dental treatment under one roof.

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RCT With Advanced Lasers And Under Magnification

Jun 6 - Jun 10

We are now doing RCTs / Root Canal Treatment using the Lasers and that to under Magnification. We are proud to let all our patients know that, now we have also started doing Root Canal Treament / RCTs of any tooth in just single visit. That means you dont have to visit again and again for your Root Canal Treatment or RCTs. We can also do your multiple RCTs in the front tooth if it is required in just single sitting.

This makes a huge difference in amount pain suffered during the treatment. Now the severe pain can be taken care in just few miniutes.

We are the only clinic in Lucknow who can give warranty on the RCTs done at our clinic.

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Toothache/ Tooth Pain-Causes,Treatment, Home Remedy

May 30 - Jun 6

There are few common causes of toothache which are listed below:

  1. Deep Decay or Cavity- Surface of tooth is made up of 3 layers. Outer most layer is called as Enamel if the cavity is limited only to enamel there are no symptoms. If it has reached the middle portion called Dentine then it may result in sensitivity to cold. But if it has reached the inner most portion called Pulp it may cause severe pain. At this stage we have only two options Tooth Removal or RCT/ Root Canal Treatment.
  2. Food lodgment in between the two adjacent teeth can also cause mild to moderate pain. Treatment depends on eliminating the reason which leads food deposition.
    • Improper contact between the two adjacent teeth.
    • Faulty Crown
    • Tooth destruction due to Caries / Decay
    • Improper Alignment of Teeth
    • Food lodgment can occur due to bone loss in between the teeth which may be due to Deficiency of Vitamins and Minerals, Hormonal Changes, Systemic Diseases like Diabeties, HIV etc; Side effect of medicines.
  3. Another common reason of Pain is related to tooth eruption. In case of Children pain can be best treated with Homeopathic Medicine like Bio combination 23. Pain in case tooth eruption in adults can be due to eruption of last or wisdom tooth which may cause cheek bite or gum bite. Removal of wisdom or last molar is the best Treatment in this case.


  1. Warm saline rinses
  2. Application of Clove Oil / Eugenol
  3. Keterol DT 2 Tab to be taken Together.

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Yet Another Award for Dr Abhinav Singh

May 24 - May 28

Award Function Organised by Most Authentic Hindi News Paper in North India that is Dainik Jagran. It was organised to Felicitate Best Doctors in Lucknow. Along with that they have also launched "The Coffee Table Book" named as "Medical Miracles" which gives detail description about these 12 Best Doctors in Lucknow.

Dr Abhinav Singh has a long list achivements but this time he was blessed to be felicitated by State Health Minister "Sri Siddhartha Nath Singh" who is also the spokes person of BJP. He is also the grandson of our second Prime Minister Late Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Overwhelmed to convey that earlier Dr Abhinav Singh was awarded with Best Dentist in Lucknow Award; now the same has been validated by Dainik Jagran one of the most read and authentic newspaper daily of Uttar Pradesh.Congratulations to everyone in his clinic for the hard work and being the "ONLY" dental setup in this coffee table book!! Way to go osm group of people 🤗👏👏👏

Best Dentist Least Medicine

Permanant Solution For Decayed Front Teeth

May 14 - May 20

A 24 years old girl had multiple decay in her upper front teeth. She went to a near by dentist. He suggest her to go with tooth colored fillings 4 years back. She got her fillings done but within 1-2 years all the four fillings came out. She then decided to visit another famous dentist who again did a fillings. This time the fillings didnot came out but in just 2-3 years it became discoloured. Even after spending a lot of time and money she was very unsatisfied with the results.

As it was her front teeth she used to smile in a way she could hide her front teeth.

Then she contacted her various relatives and friends to find the Best Dentist In Lucknow. A dentist who can give her a permanant solution for her problem.

After spending several day searching for a better dentist she visited Dr. Abhinav Singh with this problem. Dr. Abhinav told her to go with the Cer Veneers. In just three visit she got her smile back. Infact it was better than her orginal smile. She kept thanking Dr. Abhinav several times and also wrote a review on google and rated him with the 5 star rating.

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Innovative Dental Treatment

May 10 - May 14

Teeth are extremely Important to us. It not only help us to eat our food, our teeth and our smile can greatly influence other people's judgement towards us. When some people say tooth removal might effect eye sight, they basically meant that after loosing our teeth we might not be able to take our proper diet. This may result in weight loss or ill health.

Innovative Dental Treatment can do a lot more, than just teeth removal and fillings. Dentistry is evolving leaps and bounces in India. Now we have an expert to deal with a specific problem. Most Important branches of dentistry are like Conservative and Endodontic, Orthodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery, Implantologist etc. One Dentist is not capable to deal with all dental problems successfully. That is why we have all specialist under one roof at our clinic.

Dr Abhinav Singh feels that his teacher's in KGMC were very good but most of them were stagnant with what they have learned 20-30 years back. Learning new techniques and buy latest expensive equipments were never in there priority list. To provide best possible treatment we have to keep upgrading our skills. Those who can afford, travel to US or UK to get the best treatment. But now trend is changing people around the world travel to India for there dental treatments.

To provide the best dental treatment he has fashioned his clinic on lines of dentistry provided in United States which provides highest standard of dental treatment.

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Know More About Dental Implants

Apr 29 - May 3

Dental Implants provides an option to all those who have lost there teeth due to decay/ trauma and/or gum disease.

They are made of grade V Titanium and are surgically positioned in the jaw bone, replacing the natural tooth root beneath the gums. Once in place they allow the dentist to mount a crown/Bridge over these dental implants.

# What are the advantages of dental Implants ?

  1. It is the most comfortable way to replace the missing teeth. In case of natural teeth and Implants the pressure during chewing is directly transfered onto the bone. While in case of removable type replacement with Dentures the pressure will be first transfered onto the gums later on the bone. This might cause discomfort.
  2. Success rate of Implants is 99% - Only few health conditions increases the risk of implant failure. Poor oral hygiene; Uncontrolled Diabetes; long term use of steroids; heavy smoking, infected bone at the Implant site etc.
  3. Implants with proper care can last a lifetime.

# How Painful are Dental Implants ????
People who have received dental implants say that, It is a painless procedure. They say that they had more discomfort in tooth removal as compared to Implant placement.

# Cost of Dental Implants ?
Cost depends on the brand of the implants used. Korean and Chinese implants are cheaper while Swiss and German implants are most expensive. Dental Implant in India may cost between 20000 to 50000 INR

Experience and Expertise of the Dentist play its part as well.

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Why Choose Us ???

Apr 24 - Apr 29

Our Clinic accolades are an extensive and a growing list with several recognitions. Here are some of them.

# We have a team of 6 MDS. They all are post graduates from a different branch of dentistry. Therefore all treatments are undertaken by an Expert who is best equipped to carry out a different dental procedure.

# Dr. Abhinav Singh is one of the finest dentist in India. He has been recently awarded as "Best Dentist In Lucknow" 2018

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Clinic.
  • International Quality Treatment with most Hygienic Environment.
  • We also have maximum number of Reviews along with 5 Star Rating in Lucknow.

# There are some latest upgrades that you can find only at our clinic in Lucknow. For example (i) Digital shade guide a device which indicates the correct shades of the natural teeth so as to eliminate the Color mismatching with that of Artificial Teeth. (ii) Physics forceps: An extraction system for tooth removal. It make the process of tooth removal totally painless.

# At our clinic treatments like RCT/ Root canal treatment can be completed in just 1 day while it normally takes 4-5 visits at other clinics.

# We also have Worlds Best Nobel Biocare Implants which are imported from America. These are the only Implants in the world which can replace the missing tooth in just 1 day.

# We also can provide Crowns made by a American company called 3M which gives free replacement on crowns in case of breakage upto 15 years.

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Know More About- "Missing Teeth Replacement"

Apr 19 - Apr 24

When is Missing Teeth Replacement becomes necessity?

Multiple Missing Teeth, Inability to eat properly or Food becomes taste less (due to inability to chew), Pain in the remaining fractured, mobile or decayed teeth, Weight loss or deterioration of over all health. Then it is time for Teeth Replacement.

Replacement can be done in two ways with Denture (Removable Type) or with Crown/ Bridge (Fixed Teeth). The Removable dentures are more uncomfotable than the fixed teeth replacement. Bridge's are given on either on the remaining Natural teeth or on remaining tooth Roots (even if the entire tooth is lost) or on Implants.

Root Canal Treatment is required before the Bridge can be given on the natural tooth or on the remaining Root. RCT failure is the commonest cause for Bridge Failure. RCTs can be best done by Endodontist ( Post Graduate MDS who is a specialist in RCTs and Crowns). And those who do not have any teeth left then Implants becomes the only option. Implant’s are made of Titanium and are quite expensive. On the other hand if a dentist is capable to save the remaining roots, then each remaining root can act as a Implant thereby decreasing the total cost of the treatment. In case there are No teeth left Implant are the only option for fixed replacement. Normally it would require 8 to 12 Implants for the Full mouth Replacement. Implant may cost upto 15000 to 50000 per Implant. Worlds best Nobel Biocare Implants have warranties upto 10 years.

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Smile Designing- "A Different Cup of Tea"

Apr 12 - Apr 18

“A 25 years old girl had spacing between her upper front and lower front teeth. She wanted these gaps to be corrected. She decided to visit a dentist near to her house. After visiting the dentist she was told that she will have to get a Root canal treatment/RCTs and Crowns done in her front 3 teeth so as to close these gaps , 2 crowns on her upper teeth and 1 in the lower teeth.

She was very excited as she thought it will not only improve her smile but also her entire facial profile. But after the treatment instead of improving her smile it got worsen as you can see in the picture.

After this bad experience at one of the dental offices she decided to visit the Best Dentist in Lucknow- Dr Abhinav Singh. He is a post graduate specialist in Conservative and Endodontics. This branch deals with all procedures related to saving the teeth like RCTs, Crowns, Fillings, all type of Cosmetic Treatments as well as Smile Designing.

After getting the treatment at the clinic her smile improved dramatically as you can appreciate in the photos. She even conveyed that, she assumed that she will have to stay with these Ugly Crowns throughout her life but now she is very happy and cannot thank Dr. Abhinav Singh enough for such fabulous work.”

Smile Designing needs a lot of experience and expertise as it is only a specialist dentist who can fore-see the results after the treatment. Selecting the most suitable among the various treatment options which 1are avaliable.

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Replacement of Missing Teeth- Fixed vs Removable

Apr 8 - Apr 11

When someone has multiple missing teeth and wants replacement, he/she has to decide between Removable or Fixed Replacement. It is therefore important to know the pros and cons.

  1. Removable Dentures are easy to fibricate and are also cost effective while Fixed replacement with Implants are the most expensive. Replacement cost of 4 missing front teeth may cost only 1500/- with removable type while it may cost upto 25000/- with fixed Bridge type or it can cost as high as 1.1 Lakhs with the Implants.
  2. In case of Natural Teeth pressure during the chewing are transferred from the teeth to the bone but in case of denture it is are first transferred to the gums and then to the bone. This may cause laceration (Cut)/ Ulceration of gums.
  3. Person has to wear the dentures during the day and during the night it is to be kept in a bowl of water.
  4. Average life of Dentures is 5 years while the fixed replacement is permanant.
  5. As per a study done on denture wearer's only 50% of the people who are given dentures can eat nicely with it while the remaining 50% are unable to do so. There can be several reasons like Frequent Ulcers, People who have a thin layer of gums and is not able to bear the load, Loose dentures due to decreased height of the bone or due Fautly dentures fibrication.
  6. Fixed Replacement cost varies depending on Implant type. It ranges from 20 to 50 thousand per implant. It also depends on the type of crown selected which varies between 2500/- and 14000/- per tooth
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Your Smile Means Everything To Us

Apr 2 - Apr 8

“From the minute you have a word with Dr Abhinav, you know you are in safe hands because of his knowledge and experience which are unmatchable.”

“I got a lot of work done in a short period of time, he is a busy dentist but he gave me appointments beyond his clinic timings so that my work can be accomplished in time”

“I was very impressed with his Hi-Tech tools that were used. It not only made my treatment painless but also finished the treatment in No Time.”

"Keep up the good work Doc...... " - Kiran

Smile Designing is aimed at creating a positive change to your smile. Nothing can be compared with nice smile whether it a expensive dress or a expensive Jewelry. Nice smile on a face will enhance the entire personality of the individual. Thereby increasing the self-confidence of the individual which is mandatory for success whether it is the workplace or for the social status of a person.

Smile designing altogether is a different ball game, one not only has to be a doctor but also think like a artist. Improvement can be in terms of colour; position; shape; size, alignment or in simple words straightening of the teeth, correction of gaps between the teeth, Teeth whitening & Gum esthetics are also the part of smile Designing.

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Fixed Replacement of Missing tooth

Apr 1 - Apr 2


Dr. Abhinav Singh's clinic- World's Best Nobel Biocare Implants now in Lucknow

Full Mouth Immediate Replacement of Missing Teeth with Nobel Active Implants in just 3 days

Any of these Problems
# Missing teeth.....
# Difficulty in chewing. ....
# Swallowing you food but No Taste...
# Detorating Health. ......
# Old Denture is Uncomfortable. ........
# Recurrent Mouth Ulcers

With these world's best Implants you will have a tooth on your dental implant within 24-48 hours of surgery.

The number of implants necessary for a full-arch fixed bridge differs depending on your particular structure, the opposite teeth, the type of bridge you want to have placed and the number of teeth you want or need to replace with the prosthesis.

A full arch of implants can be placed when you have missing teeth in one of your jaws.

We expertise in full mouth dental implant treatment procedures with fixed dental bridges on them with the various dental implant treatments & systems available with us. For full mouth dental implant bridges, we offer Porcelain fused to metal(PFM) Implant bridge as well as Zirconia Metal free Implant bridges.

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WHY US ???

Mar 26 - Mar 31

One should think like a doctor/dentist and work like a artist to get the Best Results. Dr Abhinav Singh is one of the most celebrated dentists in Lucknow. He has been phenomenal in taking the field of Dentistry to the next level in terms of treatment, training and research. His standard of dentistry is at a level where the other dentists come for their own dental treatment. He believes “Best doctor gives the least medicines.”

His Mission

Is to provide dentistry in Lucknow which should be similar to International Standard like the ones US or UK. Technologically advanced, Hygienic and Pain Free treatment. The aim Is to provide policy and procedure that show transparency and fairness, the way we should deal with our patients and provide all kinds of treatment under one roof in reasonable & realistic rates.

Our Patients

People around the globe know the importance of perfect dental treatment. Foreigners, NRI's, People from metro's cities like Delhi/ Mumbai or ever smaller districts of U.P take an extra effort to reach our clinic. Most of them are so satisfied that they don't mind extra time and effort to reach out to us.

He has a team of Highly Skilled & Experienced Team of doctors.

Clinic is located in the new commercial hub of Lucknow that is Vibhuti Khand. New High Court, Wave Mall, Polytechnic Chauraha are at walking distance. The exact location is In front of RML/Lohia Hospital OPD Gate behind medical stores on First Floor of Shree Ganesh Tower.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Mar 20 - Mar 25

I am a photo enthusiast, every now and then I keep clicking photos. I never had that sparkling white teeth plus the spacing in between my front teeth forced me to close my mouth while clicking photos.

I have a front office job, getting Braces / Orthodontic Treatment for 1.5 years was not feasible. I used to wish, my teeth colour and spacing be corrected without these braces. The other option was Root Canal Treatment and Crown. The idea of someone drilling my teeth was scary.

I came to the clinic with a lot of apprehension about the treatment but I must say Dr Abhinav made me comfortable, he gave me the Temporary Veneers so that I can wear them and see the final resultant myself and also go back home wearing them so that I can discuss it my family. All this was done even before the treatment actually started.

All stages of the treatment were very smooth, he even took care of all the minute details and the outcome was just awesome. I was amazed to see the results in such a short time. I am loving my new found smile.

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Smile Designing is our Speciality

Mar 9 - Mar 13

Flawless smile is something what everyone Dreams off. It takes alot effort to get the desired results. There are various things which are to be taken under consideration to achive these flawless results. Some of these things are mentioned below:

  1. Ability of the Doctor which is the most important things. In Dentistry there are 8 postgraduation branches which deals with different dental problems. Smile Designing procedures are mostly done by a Endodontists or by a Orthodontists.We have MDS specialists for all the clinical branches at our clinic.
  2. Quality of materials and equipments play there part as well. We are equiped with the most advanced technologies and only use the best materials avaliable around the globe, some of which are only avaliable with us as they are yet to be lauched in India but we have imported them directly from the various MNCs.
  3. Artificial teeth are fibricated in Dental Labs. The quality of lab and there technician play a significant role so as to make artificial teeth look 100% like a natural teeth. In this smile makeover case, Veeners were fibricated in India's best Lab which is in Chandigarh.
  4. We are so confident about the dental procedures that we are the only clinic in Lucknow who can give warranty on various dental procedures like Fillings, RCTs/ Root Canal Treatment, Crown/ Caps, Veneers, Implants etc.
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Removable Vs Fixed Teeth Replacement

Mar 3 - Mar 8

Removable replacement is easy and cost effective but it is not for every one. When we have our natural teeth, chewing or biting the forces are directly transferred from the teeth to the bone but in case of denture or removable replacement of teeth the forces are first transferred to the gums and afterword’s to the bone. This may cause laceration (cut) of gums. Ulcers on a regular basis may cause further discomfort. Apart from that person has to wear the dentures during the day and during the night it is to be kept in a bowl of water. These dentures has a average life of 5 years after which it is to be replaced. According to one study done on people wearing dentures only 50% of them were able to eat after wearing these dentures.

Second option is fixed teeth replacement which involves placement of Implants in the bone and construction of artificial teeth over these Implants. Implants are made of Titanium. Our advise is to save all your remaining teeth, even if they are broken and even if only roots is left. These roots can be used instead of implants.

Perfect fixed replacement requires a team of specialist like Surgeon for the implant placement, a Prosthodontist for perfect adjustment and load distribution of load over the artificial teeth. Endodontist for saving your remaining teeth etc.

That is why we have a team of specialists to carry out all the work in a perfect manner.

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Specialist in Smile Designing / Smile MakeOver

Feb 20 - Feb 25

Smile Designing is aimed at creating a positive change to your smile. Nothing can be compared with a beautiful smile whether it a expensive dress or a expensive Jewellery. Nice smile on a face increases the self-confidence of the individual which is mandatory for success whether it is the workplace or for the social status of a person.

Smile designing altogether is a different ball game, one not only has to be a doctor but also think and work like an artist. Improvement can be in terms of colour; position; shape; size, alignment or in simple words straightening of the teeth, correction of gaps between the teeth.

Earlier Orthodontic treatment or Braces was the only option, It used to take 1.5-2 years. But with the advanced technology we can achieve the same in matter of hours or within few days.

But there is always a risk involved a small mistake can prove very costly. Dentist has to be an expert with a lot of experience to carry out such a procedure. It is recommended to go with a multi-specialty clinic which atleast has a Endodontist and a Orthodontist.

Here you can see the changes that can be done with your smile even before the actual treatment has started. But best is to wear the temporary model so that you get the actual feel of the changed smile. You take a snap and send it to your family members or to your friends.

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Dr. Abhinav Singh is one of the finest names in the field of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. He graduated from M.S. Ramaiah Dental College, Bangalore. He finished his internship from King George Medical College, Lucknow, followed by post-graduation in Conservative and Endodontics in the year 2005. He was awarded as the 'Best dentist in Lucknow' by India Healthcare Awards 2018 by Blindwink Solutions. He runs his dental clinic in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, to give the best dental care services and consultations.

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